The number of leads you will collect 'organically' ie. without paying your social networks to promote your lead-generating content, will be VERY limited for the following reasons:

  • Facebook specifically only shows about 1% of your posts to any of your page followers

  • If you do the maths, that means if you have 100 followers, only 1 out of those 100 people will see your page post on their personal news feed, if you have a 1000 followers, it's still only 10 people or less who will see your post (puts things in perspective huh?)

  • And to make matters even more frustrating, it will be the people who engage with your posts, who will be shown more posts, so you'll tend to get the same people signing up to your resources!

Why is it like this?

Because Facebook (and all the other social networks for that reason, remember that Instagram is also owned by Facebook) is a business and they're there to make money.

You wouldn't expect a newspaper or magazine publisher to help you promote your business for free (or at least not without some kind of mutual trade-off), so why should the social networks?

After all, these social networks are already giving you a channel that you can use to build an audience for free, but why should it also give you a way to generate a real ROI for your business for free as well without asking for anything in return?

That doesn't mean however, that you can't use it to build your email list, you just have to pay to promote your email lead-generating posts. And that's EXACTLY what you SHOULD be doing because the targeting ability of these social networks is phenomenal.

So what's the point in posting to my social networks?

Good question. You should see your website as a company brochure. Your social media pages on the other hand are a way to engage on a more personal level, which is very powerful for service-based industries like ours.

You want to strike the right balance between building a professional, authority-based reputation, while at the same time giving your prospects the opportunity to get glimpses into the personality of your business.

This is why it's so important that your social network pages deliver professional, engaging, interesting, educational content and providing value-added resources. It all helps to build authority and enhance the standing of your business.

Intersperse reputation-building content with educational resources and more personal professional content from your business, and you have a winning social media presence that can help you convert prospects into paying clients, even more so if you use those posts with some paid advertising, to help you build a targeted email audience.

How does Co-Kinetic help me with this?

Through my Social Media and Full Site subscriptions I provide you with a regular source of engaging, informative, 'intelligent' social media, many posts of which link to a pre-built email lead collection form we look after for you.

When a viewer enters their email address, we collect it for you and put it in your Co-Kinetic account and then deliver your viewer to their resources. We also follow-up with an automated email (which is fully customisable by you) with a link back to the resources for future reference.

This means not only are your page followers benefiting from interesting, 'intelligent' social media but they also have the added benefit of having the option of downloading additional useful resources.

In addition, the inbuilt scheduling tool within Co-Kinetic, helps you to post this to the key social networks with very little input and time-investment from yourself, not to mention that you also have an ever-growing supply of fresh content as well as an archive of campaigns that you can run at any time, as many times as you want to. 

Supplement what we give you, with some paid promotion of selected posts in your chosen social network and you have everything you need to build an email list of any size, with any target groups (keep reading for more help and advice on doing this).

I wrote two very practical articles here on how you can use social media for your business - what you should be doing, and what you shouldn't be wasting time on! There is also one-page summary. It's well worth reading!

So how can I increase my email lead collection?

I wrote an article here with 25 ways you can build your email list - which will give you some ideas.

You can also, as we've discussed, utilise paid advertising on your chosen social network (or pay someone else to do that for you). 

I plan to produce a video series which I will link to here when it's done, to help you do this using Facebook.

But while I can help with Facebook ads because I've invested my own personal time in learning, I haven't had the opportunity or time to do this when it comes to Twitter or Instagram ads (and at this stage am unlikely to as there's only so much I can do in a day).

I should also point out that this is not a service that's core to, or included in, the Co-Kinetic offering or subscriptions. 

Anything I produce I've taken the time to produce as a personal effort to help you amplify the effectiveness of your subscription, it isn't something I charge for, so I can't guarantee that I'll be able to keep what I do produce up to date, particularly because Facebook's ad interface changes regularly. 

Basically, it's important that anyone utilising these extra resources (when I have the capacity to produce them), understands this is over-and-above what's included in your subscription and has been done on a voluntary basis by myself. (I say this because I've had a couple of people be quite threatening about this and give me unreasonable and unjustified ultimatums). 

You can also pay a social media advertising specialist to help you with this process and by using the Co-Kinetic resources, you have all the tools you need to do this. 

It's important to understand that you won't need to pay a marketing specialist to create high value downloads ie. 'lead magnets' for you, or build lead collection or lead delivery pages, as this is all included as part of your subscription.

So if you do hire someone to run your ads for you, it's important to make sure anyone you hire, knows what your subscription offers, and how they can utilise these resources in the most efficient way possible through the ads that they run on your behalf, and that they understand that they won't actually need to produce these lead collection elements for you. 

In fact, give them a link to this page and ask them to watch the following video:

Generating Leads Through Facebook Ads

I've produced a range of resources that can help here:

  • How to Power-Up Your Email List: A Start Up Guide to Facebook Advertising for Physical Therapists [Article] - Click here >

  • INTRODUCTION: How to Run Lead Generating Facebook Ads to Help You Build Your Email List and Get More Clients [Free Video Training] - Click here >

  • Facebook Lead Generation Ads for Co-Kinetic Content - images, text and videos showing you how to build custom audiences for each Co-Kinetic lead generation campaign - Click here for more info >

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