If you've recently integrated Co-Kinetic with Instagram and at the same time have noticed duplicate Co-Kinetic posts appearing on your Facebook page, this could be why.

You may have Instagram set up to automatically re-post your Instagram images to Facebook. In which case you have two options.

  1. Stop posting to Facebook through Co-Kinetic ie. turn the Facebook toggle off on each campaign or Disconnect your Facebook login in the Integrations section of Co-Kinetic.....OR

  2. Turn off or unlink the two social networks so that they don't automatically post your Instagram images to Facebook or Twitter (but bear in mind that this will mean all your non-Co-Kinetic posts won't post to Facebook automatically either)

Follow the steps below to do option 2 - please note this needs to be done via the mobile version of the Instagram app.

Here's the words version:

  • To get to this you need to be on the Instagram app on mobile. 

  • Click on the 3 lines in the top right, 

  • Then click on the Settings option that appears right at the bottom

  • Then into "Account", "Linked accounts", and click your Facebook link and in there are the preferences for automatically sharing Instagram posts to Facebook.

Here it is in pictures:

Step 1: Go to the hamburger icon here...

Step 2: Click the settings gear icon

Step 3: Go to the Account area

Step 4: Click Linked Accounts

If this still doesn't remedy the situation, please raise a ticket using the chat icon on the Co-Kinetic site.

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