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How to: Post Co-Kinetic content to Instagram
How to: Post Co-Kinetic content to Instagram

We do not currently integrate directly with Instagram but you can still post your Co-Kinetic social media to Instagram find out how here.

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The way the Co-Kinetic marketing content and system works doesn't fit well with Instagram mainly because many of the posts are designed to highlight helpful leaflets and resources which can be download using the link in the social media post.

Because Instagram doesn't support the inclusion of links in individual Instagram posts, this makes automating the process of posting to Instagram, in the same way we do to Facebook and Twitter, irrelevant.

However....we do provide you with images reformatted in the correct size for Instagram as a downloadable zip file under the Media Contents box of the main content piece

By the way if a campaign is missing those images then please get in touch with us as this is something we added retrospectively and we may have missed a campaign out - we are only human 😬.

This means you can still post the images manually the same as you would with your normal Instagram images and if you want to either leave out the images that refer to a resource OR run a dedicated campaign on Instagram and put the Personal Lead Collection URL (see image below) in your Instagram Bio and include a note in the post to go to your Bio.

Downloading the Instagram Images

The quickest way to get these images, is to go into the Campaign you want to download the image sfor and click the link showing in the image below.

That will take you to the main piece of Content for that Campaign and you will find a downloadable Zip file in the Media Contents box (top right hand corner of the page on a laptop/desktop device or bottom of the page on a mobile device).

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