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How to: Deliver an educational presentation, event or webinar using Co-Kinetic
How to: Deliver an educational presentation, event or webinar using Co-Kinetic

These are designed to be delivered either face-to-face or online events to demonstrate expertise and generate new customers

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Running face-to-face events or online webinars are one of the most effective ways of converting prospects to paying clients. They are a great way to attract your perfect patient demographic, demonstrate expertise and authority on a topic and build trust, not only with prospective customers but also your existing and past customers. You have options during the event to offer your attendees 'next steps' such as: book a discovery appointment; sign-up to a special package or promotion; join a membership group or programme; or anything else you think would work for your audience, to move them towards becoming a paying customer.

The video below talks you through the content (pre-written Powerpoint presentations and promotional artwork) and technolgoy (web sign-up pages) we provide to help you run these events.

Running a Face-to-Face Event

Step 1: Decide which education presentation you want to run along with date/time/venue etc.

This should be informed by your bigger marketing strategy and focus on the patient demographic you want to attract) - you can find the topics available to you through Co-Kinetic on your main content page under Education Events.

Step 2: Decide on your 'offers', incentives, upsells, next steps

The goal here is to encourage your attendees to either become a paying customer through an event-special offer, or at the very least to take a step closer by booking, for example, a discovery call/appointment (free or discounted), to identify what you can do to help them going forward.

Step 3: Set up your event sign-up page

And then promote your event with links to your sign-up page.

Step 4: Run your event, test and analyse

And track everything from sign-up numbers, to attendees, to conversions to each 'next step' so you can see what works and what doesn't. The idea is to constantly refine your process, to give you the best results.

We talk you through the process of running one of these events, step-by-step in our open access article "Post-Viral Education Event Playbook" (don't worry if the topic isn't relevant, the process is the same, whatever your chosen topic).

Running an Online Event

We've put together a series of short help posts specifically on running an online event here.

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