Installing the Google Analytics (GA) tracking code and the Facebook Pixel is a more advanced marketing strategy.

Here's some Facebook information on the Facebook Pixel and what it can do for you, Google Analytics lets you do much the same thing.

The first thing you need to know is that the tracking code for either the FB Pixel or GA needs to also be installed on your website (depending on how your website is set up, this may be a job for your web developer).

Essentially these two pieces of code help you to track what people do on the pages you install it on. You don't have to install both GA and the FB Pixel, but if you plan on using Facebook Ads then you definitely need to install the Facebook Pixel. I would recommend installing both as it takes no longer to do both as it does one.

What does it help you do?

The Google Analytics tracking code and the Facebook Pixel allow you to track activities that have happened on your Co-Kinetic landing pages (ie. the lead collection and personal success pages of each campaign).

It allows you to build Custom Audiences of people who for example visit your email lead magnet sign up page, but don't reach the success page (and you can then choose to 'retarget' them with ads reminding them of the resources).

It also helps you track events that take place on the Co-Kinetic pages. For example you could create a new conversion event of people who hit your 'Success' pages either for the email sign ups or the webinars/membership groups. That way you know how well your ads are performing.

I've recorded a couple of videos on this video tutorial series which will help explain more but this is a more advanced technique so if you're not clear what you're doing, it would be a good idea to get some technical help or advice from a marketing specialist.

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