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The "How To" Section - updated for 2022
How to: Use the ready-made Customer Newsletter social media campaign, newsletters and email collection form
How to: Use the ready-made Customer Newsletter social media campaign, newsletters and email collection form

Super-simple to link to, from anywhere, and completely personalised. Here's how it works and what you can do with it

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No more worrying about having to create, keep adding to, or updating, a customer newsletter area on your website, now all you need to do is add a link on your website (or in any other email material) to your own version of our ready-made page. This is how it works.

Within every set of new patient leaflets that we create (and accompanying a new social media campaign), we produce a newsletter which is like an overview of the topic area in question, and it connects all the patient resources on that topic, together.

This newsletter is included in all our subscriptions, but for Social Media and Full Site subscribers we go one step further.

We have a specific 'Grow your email newsletter' campaign...this is the baby you're looking for on the Campaigns page.

Every time we publish a new newsletter, we add a new social media image to this campaign, AND we add a new image to the Personal Success Page for that campaign (this is what that Success page looks like).

What does this mean in practice?

  1. It means you can run the general 'Grow Your Email Newsletter' campaign continuously using the inbuilt social media scheduler to push out a new piece of social media say once a month on your social networks to attract general email newsletter sign ups (regardless of which other campaigns you're running because you can run more than one campaign at a time - if you leave it going all year, it will just keep cycling through your newsletters)

  2. You can link to the Personal Lead Collection URL anywhere where you'd put a button saying sign up to my email newsletter, and if you use our link, they'll get some great resources as soon as they sign up rather than having to wait for your future emails - so instant gratification and a much better impression!

  3. You can link to the Success Page URL from other places. So if you have a newsletter page on your website (or you want to create one quickly) - just link to ours. If you use a different email newsletter sign up form, that's no problem, just change the thank you/redirect page to your Success page URL and once they've signed up, they'll get redirected to the page we look after for you (and remember it will have your branding on the bottom of the page). In short this can serve as your own clinic newsletter page.

Remember, if you have the branding upgrade, every newsletter itself will also be branded with your own logo and contact details!

This is minimum effort, for maximum reward like you've never seen it before!

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