Note: The content detailed below is included in the Clinic Growth Subscription only.

Pre-written Nurture (non-selling) Emails

We produce these for each campaign (ie. topic) and they include text, images and a one-click Mailchimp template - more info here. They are very specifically education-based and non-salesy/promotional.

The Pre-written Blog Posts

Again we produce one for each campaign (about 500-700+ words) and they come in two forms:

  1. Text and images you can copy and paste onto your own blog (more info here), or

  2. If you don't have a blog, a hosted version that we take care of for you (more info about those here).

Pre-written, Ready-to-deliver Education Workshops/Seminars

These come in the form of PowerPoint presentations (accompanied by a web sign up page) and designed to be delivered either face-to-face or as an online webinars - to strengthen relationships with your customers, and encourage them into taking the next step towards a purchase. Learn more about how to use this feature here or click this link to jump to the presentations and sign up pages themselves.

Voucher Sales and Management System

This is a blend of content (promotional posters, social media, themed vouchers) combined with a voucher sales and management system allowing you to take payments through pre-written/created voucher sign-up pages, offer downloadable voucher certifcates, and follow-up with a customisable post-purchase voucher email. The Voucher Management System allows you to manage full and partial voucher redemptions.

  1. You can find the actual Voucher Campaigns under the Gift Voucher campaign sections on this page. New voucher campaigns are created throughout the year.

  2. You can find help on setting up a voucher campaign here.

Business Growth Campaigns

These campaigns include resources to help you run for example Open Clinc events, Introductory Offers, It's Your Birthday promotions, Thanksgiving and Happy New Year promotions. New promotions added regularly.

They include artwork you can use to promote your event and web pages to take sign-ups to your events. You can learn more about how what these are and how they work here and you can find the actual campaigns here.

Membership/Subscription Management System

Designed to help you built recurring revenue streams and help to manage a healthy cashflow. Learn more here [help link to come].

Customisable Landing Pages or 'wild card' pages

These are completely editable web page sign up forms which allow you to take payments (single/recurring), redirect people to external web pages or downloads, generate an interactive 'Call Now' to call your clinic, or just simply enter contact details. There's basically very little you can't achieve with these pages. See the image below for a list of ideas on how to use these pages.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

We're in the process of creating tried and tested Facebook ad copy and images you can use to generate leads for target audiences that match the campaigns we've released.

You can find the campaigns we've already done on your main content page here under the Facebook Lead Generation Ads section. If there's a FB ad campaign that you specifically want, and which hasn't been produced yet, get in touch and we'll get one set up for you 🤩. Step-by-Step instructions for setting up and running each ad can be found in the main article for each ad.

  1. Geographical Licencing - each Clinic Growth subscription is geographically mapped to secure you an exclusive area of a 40,000-50,000 population proximity around your clinic. This means no other clinics within that geographical area can be granted a licence, ensuring you exclusivity when you're running the educational, business growth or voucher campaigns. You can find more detailed info here.

Here's 20 Ideas for Ways in Which You Can Use the Customisable Landing 'Wild card' Pages

To learn how to do the activities above, go to the following link.

And Don't Forget

You also have access to the following content through your Clinic Growth Subscription. All of which is accessible from the main Clinic Growth Content page here.

  • Co-Kinetic Journal - 22 years of our quarterly print journal

  • Patient Information Resources - a growing library of more than 400 patient leaflets, handouts, cheatsheets and customer newsletters - find out how to use these here >

  • Poster Artwork on Canva to liven up your clinic walls.

Happy exploring 😎.

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