Regardless of the rules of your particular country, it's good business practice to have a privacy policy.

In Europe and the UK in particular, data protection law require that you provide information to individuals about how you use their data. The usual way of providing that information is via a privacy policy.

If you live in the UK here are the search results for Privacy Policy Template UK.

One of the best options is a legal contracts/templates website called, which offers one free policy with their free plan , so you could get your Privacy Policy from here.

At the time of writing this help post, they will also host this policy for you under their free plan, and give you a link so you can link to it from other sites. This is exactly the link you could include in the Branding area of Co-Kinetic which will then be used in your Co-Kinetic branded material like the email autoresponders and on your web pages that we host for you.

Alternatively, you could:

  1. Download the policy and host it somewhere that you can create a web link to, like Google Docs or Dropbox or another cloud-based document host

  2. Or you could copy the text from the policy and paste it onto a new web page on your website (which you can then use as your link).

If you're not that comfortable with technology then the Termly route is the easiest option. You could also ask your 'web people' to add a link to the same document on your website because if you have a website, you should really feature a Privacy Policy on there too.

Bear in mind, you may need to adjust the template/wording to suit your particular business or situation.

If you have any other feedback or suggestions of other (easy) ways for people to create Privacy Policies I'd love to hear from you.

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