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The "How To" Section - updated for 2022
How to: Use the Customisable 'Wild Card' Web Pages
How to: Harness the power of the Co-Kinetic customisable web pages and what you can do with them (overview)
How to: Harness the power of the Co-Kinetic customisable web pages and what you can do with them (overview)

You can run events, courses, classes, sell & manage memberships, recurring subscriptions & even sell products & downloads

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We've built the Co-Kinetic system to try and enable you to do anything you can imagine in a business marketing context. However, that makes it so versatile that sometimes even I struggle to explain just how much you can do with it (let alone you try and understand it). And that's the purpose of this help post.

As you'll probably be aware, one of our main goals at Co-Kinetic has always been to eradicate the barrier of technology in your pursuit to market and build your business.

One of the best ways we achieve this is through our various pre-built but editable web pages. There are two main categories of page:

  • The educational event sign-up pages (designed specifically for running education-based events around our pre-written PowerPoint presentations)

  • The customisable landing pages which I sometimes also refer to as editable web sign-up pages or 'wild card' pages - it's tough to know what to call them because they can do so much!

The goal of these pages is to help you take sign-ups to, or purchases for, just about anything you want, using stylish, effective and simple-to-edit web pages.

We pre-load the images into the pages, and where we can, ie. when we know what you're wanting to achieve from the pages as in the case of the Education events, we also write the text on the page - all of which is editable by you.

Let's first take a quick look at what you can ask these sign-up pages to do on your behalf.

The Calls-to-Actions

You can use these pre-built web pages to get your customers to take one of the five following 'calls to action':

  • Submit Contact Details (submit form) - name, email address and telephone number (optional)

  • Book Now/Download Now/Visit a web page - on completion of the form it redirects the viewer to the specified URL (web address) - that could be a downloadable file, a link to your online booking system, an ecommerce store, a membership site or any other web page you want to send people to

  • Call Now - interactive button which when clicked will call the number you've specified (this is great on mobile devices)

  • Single Purchase - allows you to take a one-off purchase for any amount, in the currency of the country you do business in (in other words, it's international)

  • Recurring Payments (subscriptions) - this is the best bit...this option allows you to charge a recurring fee on an ongoing basis (until stopped by you or your customer) or for a fixed period, for example a set number of weeks or months or as an ongoing payment that will process until stopped.

So what kinds of things can you do with these pages?

As you can image...A LOT! ๐Ÿฅณ ๐Ÿ‘

Here's my starter for 21!

  1. Sell a special offer eg. BOGOF

  2. Sell a product

  3. Sell digital content/download

  4. Take payments for an appointment or appointment package

  5. Take payments for an upsell offer

  6. Offer a clinic membership

  7. Sell a customer loyalty programme

  8. Take payment instalments for anything

  9. Deliver subscription-based classes/content

  10. Sell and manage vouchers (inc. in Full Site sub or available as a bolt-on subscription to anyone)

Here's a video overview showing how they work

What's Next?

And let's get those entrepreneurial juices flowing and start growing your business ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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