How could I use Co-Kinetic to: Introduce new equipment, new therapists or do a clinic tour?
Got a new team member? Invested in new equipment? Done renovations or moved into new premises? Here's how to launch them & take new bookings
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Have you invested in new staff, equipment or your clinic? If so, why not use our Online Presentation pages to offer introductory sessions so you can offset some or all of the cost of your investment, before you have to pay any bills.

The Online Presentation pages in particular are very well-suited to any of the following types of activities, because you can offer a purchasable 'upsell' on the delivery page where the viewer is watching your video.

  • Delivering a clinic tour

  • Demonstrating new equipment

  • Showing off new buildings or facilities

  • Introducing new team members

  • Presenting anything that works well on video

Say you'd just invested in a new piece of equipment, you could do a short introduction about how it works, what benefits it offers, or problems it solves, perhaps accompanied by a short demonstration of that equipment, and then make an upsell offer for an introductory session.

You could also use these pages to take advance booking for a new therapist who might be joining your team. You could feature a short presentation by your new joiner explaining where they've come from and outlining their skill set, or an interview between you and them - followed by an introductory offer which can be purchased on the page, to book an appointment with them. The better the offer, the better the uptake.

Equally if you make some renovations to your existing clinic, or move into a new premises, all of these sorts of events lend themselves well to a virtual tour with an 'upsell' opportunity to book a new appointment.

It doesn't even have to be 'new' things that you're launching, it could be an awareness campaign focused around treatments or services you already offer, equipment you already own, or programmes that you already run.

Which Subscriptions Include This Feature?

  • All subscriptions include two blank Event templates which can be used for the purposes described above

  • Full Site subscribers have access to unlimited blank Event templates

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