How to use Co-Kinetic to: Run and open clinic event
Open Clinic events are a great way to introduce people to you, your services, other therapists, your clinic, & new facilities & equipment
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WHICH Subscriptions allow you to run this campaign?

WHY would you do it?

Running an Open Clinic event is a great way to introduce people to your team, show of your facilities, build awareness of the services you offer and explain equipment to prospective (as well as existing) customers.

It's also a great way of building trust, helping people get to know you and reducing potential barriers to people booking appointments with you by giving them a low risk opportunity to familiarise themselves with you and your clinic, for example what public transport they can take, where they can park, how to find you etc.

Most importantly, it's a great opportunity to offer incentives to buy something from you or an exclusive offer available only to people who visit your open clinic event because to get the best bang for your time, this should a customer or cash-generating sales event.

WHEN might you do it and WHAT might you offer?

You could combine it with introducing new features like a new therapist, a new piece of equipment you've recently invested in, or renovations/developments to your clinic area.

Equally you don't need to have any reason to run it, you could make it an annual, bi-annual or even a seasonal event. You could combine it with offering education sessions too.

Whatever you do and for whatever reason, you should offer some free and some 'upsell' opportunities that are exclusive perks to those attending the event because primarily this should be a sales opportunity.

The incentive should be to purchase either at the event, there and then, or within a specified time-frame after the event, as that increases your chances of conversion. Ideally the greatest benefit/incentive should be offered to purchase at the event with perhaps a reduced incentive to purchase after the event.

This could be an introductory rate on treatments using a new piece of equipment, or for a new therapist who has joined you recently.

Or it could be a package offer to purchase a number of appointments at a lower rate than would be available at any other time of the year.

Alternatively you could use your event to target your biggest spending customers, and offer them an exclusive 'clinic membership' offer. It's really completely your call what you do and what you offer.

If you're not running events like this for your business, regardless of whether you're a sole practitioner or part of a multi-therapist team, you really should make this a marketing priority.

My colleague, Vikki Marsh, owner of Headstart Clinics, has implemented an extremely successful annual Open Clinic which has grown over the years, as she learns and refines her process. She kindly turned this into a 5 part article series taking you through each of the steps or organising, running and evaluating the success of an event. You can find that link to that series in the What's Next section at the end of this article.

HOW to implement this campaign using Co-Kinetic

There are two different ways of doing this.

  1. Use the pre-built Open Clinic Business Growth Campaign

It consists of:

  • Editable web sign-up page allowing you to can take sign-ups (and payments if required)

  • An editable autoresponder email sent automatically post-sign-up, which you can use to give further instructions about your event

  • 3 pieces of social media (pre-loaded into our inbuilt scheduling tool) - which can also be used to promote your event to your social media followers as well as a paid social media ads (individual files provided also - zip file in Media Contents)

  • An editable 'More details' web page, which you can use to either give more details about your event before sign-up, or alternatively redirecting them to this page post-sign-up where you can add more details about your event (optional)

  • An editable Canva* template for an attendance ticket/coupon if you'd like to offer them this as a download after they've signed up

  • An editable Canva* poster you can download as an A4 PDF and print out from your home/office computer promoting your event OR have professionally printed in sizes A1, A2 or A3, directly through Canva (separate purchase through Canva),

  • An editable Canva* postcard you can use to promote your event to people you have address details for.

This is included in the Full Site subscription or alternatively it can be purchased individually. Taking this route means you will be able to set up and initiate this campaign in less than an hour.

2. Alternatively you can use the blank customisable web page template included in all existing subscriptions to set up your own Introductory offer web sign-up page. You will need to do 3 things:

  1. Add your own images to the blank template web sign-up page that we provide

  2. Write the copy on your the web sign-up page explaining your offer

  3. Choose what you want to happen when your new registrant signs up (eg. visit the standard thank you page we provide, or redirect them to a coupon/ticket you've created, or your own online booking system)

What's Next?

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