How to use Co-Kinetic to: Take sign-ups to...well just about anything to be honest
How to use Co-Kinetic to take sign-ups to literally any kind of event or activity you can think of!
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WHY would I want to take sign-ups to things?

There are two main over-arching reasons you might use sign-up forms:

  1. Help you to build your email list (which can then be nurtured towards future sales-based action)

  2. To help you organise an event or activity - either online or offline

Activities off the back of those two main reasons might include:

  1. Taking sign-ups to an email newsletter

  2. Helping you to organise an education event

  3. Running a competition or prize draw

  4. As a way of offering discount coupons

  5. As a way for someone to request to a certain type of information

  6. To offer access to premium content

  7. To apply to join something like a course, class or group of some sort

  8. To provide a downloadable document

  9. To offer free/taster appointments

  10. To offer a free video or telephone consult

  11. You could even use these forms to organise a group dog walk if you wanted to!!!

Basically if you need to collect someone's details for whatever reason, the forms we provide will help you do it.

At this point I'm referring to simple contact collection forms, however our forms also allow you to take payments and do various actions on submission of the form.

HOW would you do this using Co-Kinetic?

It's very simple, you'd use what I call our 'customisable web sign-up pages'. You can find those pages at this link.

You will find them grouped into 4 categories:

  1. Business Growth and Sales Generation Campaigns (we'll come back to this one)

  2. Health and Wellbeing-Themed Editable Sign-Up Pages

  3. Sports-Themed Editable Sign-Up Pages

  4. Anatomy-Themed Editable Sign-Up Pages

Basically what that means is that the pages include images that reflect the theme of the page. So if you wanted to take sign-ups to a tennis-based event you'd use the Tennis page under the Sports-Themed category. If you wanted to take sign-ups to an education event on ankle injuries, you'd find a page under the Anatomy-Themed section. It just means you don't have to worry about finding royalty-free images to use, it's all done for you.

All you need to do is edit the text on the page using our simple form-field and decide which of 5 actions you want your customer to take (we refer to these as calls-to-action - more about those in a moment).

We host the forms for you and give you a simple web link that's unique to you and your form, which you can distribute to people wherever relevant/appropriate.

The forms are what's known as 'responsive', meaning they work on all types of devices (eg. mobile, tablets, laptops etc) and on all internet browsers.

The All-Important Calls-to-Actions

You can use our pre-built web pages to get your customers to take one of the five following 'calls to action':

  • Submit Contact Details (submit form) - name, email address and telephone number (optional)

  • Book Now/Download Now/Visit a web page - on completion of the form it redirects the viewer to the specified URL (web address) - that could be a downloadable file, a link to your online booking system or any other web page you want to send people to

  • Call Now - interactive button which when clicked will call the number you've specified (this is great on mobile devices)

  • Single Purchase - allows you to take a one-off purchase for any amount, in the currency of the country you do business in (in other words, it's international)

  • Recurring Payments (subscriptions) - this is the best bit...this option allows you to charge a recurring fee on an ongoing basis (until stopped by you or your customer) or for a fixed period, for example a set number of weeks or months.

You can watch a video here which shows you what you can do with these forms:

WHICH subscriptions have access to these pages?

  1. Full Site subscribers have access to all pages at all times - you can get going by visiting this link >

  2. If you have a Patient Information Resources, Clinical Education or Social Media subscription you have access to one blank template page, allowing you to do whatever you like with that page (you will need to upload relevant images depending on what you wish to do with the page). You can find the template under the Bonus Content section on the main content page, for your relevant subscription (you can use the following links to jump there Patient Information; Clinical Education; Social Media)

  3. If you don't have a subscription, or you have one of the subscriptions in option 2, you can still purchase access to individual themed pages on a per-page basis. Just navigate to the page you want from this link, and use the Purchase button to add that page to your account.

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