How to use Co-Kinetic to: Deliver a free download and/or give access to a premium web page/content
Here's how to use our sign-up pages combined which redirects to a free download or web page on completion
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I'm covering both offering a free download or redirecting people to a new web page together because they both use the same function which is to redirect someone to a URL.

If it's a document you want to give them, you would redirect them to a share link to a document hosted on a file storage service like Google Docs, Dropbox,, OneDrive etc. All of those service providers give you a way to share a link to a file. It is this link you'd add into the relevant field on Co-Kinetic.

Equally if it's a membership group or web page you want to redirect people to, you would add the link to that page in the same box.

WHY might you want to offer a downloadable document?

  1. To help you build your email list - by offering high-value/high-desire downloadable document in exchange for an email address

  2. As a way to offer a discount coupon in exchange for a person's details - when they sign up you redirect them to the coupon which they can download/print out

  3. To allow page visitors to sign up to something and then provide them with a document containing joining or follow-up information as soon as they've completed the sign up

  4. To take sign-ups to a prize draw/competition and provide a 'confirmation of entry' receipt/ticket which can be printed/downloaded

  5. To take sign-ups to an event and provide a printable/downloadable ticket on receipt of the sign up

  6. As a way for someone to request a certain type of information - so you provide a sign up page saying if you'd like more information about for example: our yoga retreat holidays; how shockwave therapy works; how gait analysis can help you prevent injuries; etc. etc. etc. - the downloadable document/print out offers the relevant info.

WHY might you want to offer access to a secure/hidden/private premium web page?

  1. To enable someone to join a private group (eg. take them to a private/hidden Facebook group, could be any software)

  2. To enable someone to access a hidden/private video (or a public video) such as a webinar or online presentation

  3. To give access to a file or folder on a file storage provider like Dropbox,, Google Apps, OneDrive

  4. To take an action on any web page that you don't want to make publicly available/accessible to just any old person!

  5. To give someone access to something through a 'back door' that's not otherwise publicly accessible.

  6. To give some an exclusive purchase link.

You can use our Co-Kinetic forms to let people sign up for free or to charge people for the content or the group they are accessing:

  • Collect sign-up details ie. name/email/phone number

  • Take single or recurring (subscription) payments

HOW would you do this using Co-Kinetic?

It's very simple, just pick one of the 'customisable web sign-up pages' that best fits what you're asking your viewer to do. You can find those pages at this link.

You will find these web sign-up pages grouped into 4 themes:

  1. Business Growth and Sales Generation Campaigns (we'll come back to this one)

  2. Health and Wellbeing-Themed Editable Sign-Up Pages

  3. Sports-Themed Editable Sign-Up Pages

  4. Anatomy-Themed Editable Sign-Up Pages

Essentially what that means is that the pages include images that reflect the theme of the page. So if you wanted to take sign-ups to a tennis-based event you'd use the Tennis page under the Sports-Themed category. If you wanted to take sign-ups to an education event on ankle injuries, you'd find an ankle-themed page under the Anatomy-Themed section. It just means you don't have to worry about finding royalty-free images to use, it's all done for you.

Step 1: Choose your web sign-up page from the themes we've provided

Step 2: Decide whether you want to charge for accessing the link/download or whether you're providing it for free. Then follow the instructions below based on what you decide.

Step 3: Fill out the details required on the sign up page giving your page viewer information about what they're signing up to.

Providing Free Access to the Area/Content

  1. Choose the Call to Action of Book Now/Download Now/Visit URL (see image below)

  2. Write the follow-up email explaining to your customer what happens next

When your registrant completes and submits the form, they will be automatically redirected to the URL you've entered in the relevant field.

Charging for Access to the Area/Content

  1. Decide if it's single or recurring (subscription) purchase and choose the relevant Call-to-Action (Single Purchase or Recurring Purchase)

  2. Then complete the payment request information options that appear when you select your chosen call-to-action type

3. The form includes an area where you can write text explaining what happens next, you can also include a link in this text to either your document or your web page. If you want, you could also record a short video and include that on the form completion page.

To watch an overview of how these pages work watch the video below and if you get stuck or need help setting this up, just jump on the chat icon and fire away with your questions.

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