How to use Co-Kinetic to: Offer a downloadable discount coupon
Offering a discount coupon at strategic times in your customer journey is a great way to convert a prospect into a paying client
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WHY would you want to offer discount coupons?

Coupons can be extremely useful when used at strategic times to either boost sales or convert prospects into paying clients.

We have created coupons for most of our Business Growth campaigns which you can find at this link. The campaigns include additional resources to help you promote your campaign, such as social media, posters and postcards to promote it via post.

Coupons are excellent tools if you want to bring in cash fast, or at strategic points in your customer journey for example to encourage someone to convert from being a non-paying prospect into a paying customer. Equally you could use them to upsell or cross-sell new services, to introduce new therapists or as part of a campaign such as those we build in our Business Growth section.

Here are some great times to use a coupon campaign:

  • Traditional sales times (Christmas, Spring, Summer etc.)

  • At strategic points in the customer journey, eg. offer an introductory appointment to a new joiner to your email list, or if people visit your stand at a local event

  • As part of a local advertising campaign (print/social media)

  • As part of a refer-a-friend scheme

  • As part of a loyalty scheme - every 5 appointments you might give them a 50% coupon off their next appointment

  • As part of a 'we'd love to see you again' campaign to encourage past customers to come back

  • As a 'Buy One, Get One Free' (BOGOF) offer

  • As a thank you for taking a helpful action eg. engaging regularly on your social networks, or doing something that helps your business

  • As part of an affiliate tie-up with another business (give a partner business coupons that they can distribute through their own mailings, or their shop, or to their existing customers - you could do the same for them in return)

HOW would you do this using Co-Kinetic?

  1. If you want to deliver the coupon using a sign-up web page, you would just use one of our Customisable Web Pages (whichever theme works best) to take sign-ups to your coupon and then choose the Book Now/Download Now/Visit URL call-to-action to redirect them to the share link for your finished coupon

  2. If you want to deliver the coupon in a physical form, you could simply use one of the editable Canva templates we've designed on your behalf, edit it to suit your needs and then print it out and use it locally or in any way that works for your business. You can find the editable Canva templates at this link.

WHICH subscription do you need to access these pages?

  1. Full Site Subscribers have access to all Business Growth Campaigns as well as all supplementary material such as the editable Canva templates

  2. All other subscribers have access to one blank template web sign-up page which can be used as described above. You will need to source appropriate images on the blank template sign-up page to match your event/offer.

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