How to use Co-Kinetic to: Run a prize draw, competition or raffle

Prize draws, competitions & selling raffle tickets are great ways to build your email list and/or generate's how we can help

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WHY would you want to run a prize draw, competition or raffle?

It's a great way to add email addresses to your email list, convert prospects into paying clients and generate cash for your business.

The great thing is that once you have your campaign set-up you can re-use it any time.

Some key points to consider:

  • The better the incentive to sign up/purchase, the more successful your campaign will be

  • It could be anything from a multi-business prize draw/raffle or something as simple as a monthly prize draw to win a free appointment

  • Ideally you want to attract sign-ups from people who are not yet paying customers, but it would also be a nice gesture to run alternate competitions for existing customers, so they don't feel left out!

  • You can use one or more media outlets to promote your event eg. social media, local newspapers/magazines, or leaflets distributed through other businesses or in local shops

  • Teaming up with other businesses to create a 'bumper' event is a great way to build relationships locally which could lead to other shared marketing opportunities

  • You can use a prize draw as a conversion event where you offer your winner, off the back of their free appointment, an incentive to commit to a paid programme with you.

You could choose to offer sign-ups for free, or you could sell tickets. You could also use it as an opportunity to raise money for a local charity (which will increase the chances of the event being shared by other parties and help to demonstrate your investment into your local community).

HOW would you do this using Co-Kinetic?

If you wish to allow sign-ups to your prize draw for free follow the steps below:

  1. Use the Blank Customisable Web Sign-Up page at this link (available in all 4 of our core subscriptions) - click on the button in that article, to set up the campaign page

  2. Use the text boxes to give your campaign a title and describe what your prize draw includes

  3. Upload a picture that's approximately 1200px wide by 480px high (72dpi) for the main image on the sign up page

  4. Upload a picture that's approximately 800x800px (72dpi) for the second image on the page that suits your campaign

  5. Edit the Email tab in the campaign set up area, to give any necessary follow-up instructions to your respondents and make sure to turn the email status to Active (if this email is Active, the email will be triggered as soon as someone completes the form - alternatively you can leave it as inactive, and instead set up an autoresponder in Mailchimp - more help on that here)

  6. Design a raffle ticket/entry confirmation ticket - the quickest and easiest way to do this is to use an existing Canva template - edit it to add your own details

  7. Save your final ticket to a file cloud storage service like Dropbox,, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.

  8. Get the share link for the ticket

  9. Go to your Co-Kinetic Landing page tab and choose the Call-to-Action of Book Now/Download Now/Visit URL option

  10. Enter the share link (url) to your ticket in the Call to Action URL box on the Co-Kinetic Landing page tab (this means when someone completes your form, on submission of the form, they will be redirected to the ticket which they can then download/print out)

  11. Promote your campaign making sure to include the link to your sign-up page.

If you want to charge a fee or amount to sign-up to your prize draw follow the steps below:

  1. Follow steps 1-5 in the list above

  2. Choose the Call-to-Action option of Single Purchase and set the relevant price information

  3. Enter some text for the follow-up page that people will be delivered to on completion of their payment or you can record a short welcome/thank you video which you can upload to YouTube or Vimeo (click the relevant link for more help on that) and feature on the post-sign-up page. This is a nice touch because it is more personal. You can also follow-up with a post-purchase email. Make sure you include information in either the text or video on what happens next, or give them a link to the downloadable ticket described above.

  4. Promote your campaign making sure to include the link to your sign-up page.

If you have any questions at any time, or need some help setting up your campaign, just jump on the Chat Tool and fire away 😀.

WHICH subscription do you need to access these pages?

  1. All subscribers have access to the blank template web sign-up page which can be used as described above. You will just need to source appropriate images on the blank template sign-up page to match your event/offer.

Other Helpful Resources

  • Canva has a whole host of pre-designed social media, posters and other artwork which you can use to promote your event, all you need to do is edit the artwork to suit your needs. Many of these resources can also be ordered in a professionally-printed format or you can print the material out from your own printer.

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