How to use Co-Kinetic to: Offer a free telephone/video consultation
Offering a free phone or video consultation is a great way to give people a risk-free way to check you out and build trust
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WHY would you want to offer a free phone or video consultation?

As the saying goes: "people buy from people they know, like and trust" and offering a free phone or video consultation not only gives you an opportunity to learn more about how you can help your prospective client but also for your prospective client to check you out and confirm that you're the right solution to their problem.

It's a great way to offer value, demonstrate authority and build your email list and gives your prospective customer a risk-free way to check you out.

HOW can you do this using Co-Kinetic?

Easy peasy!

If you have a Full Site subscription you can use any of the Customisable Web Sign-Up pages at this link - just pick the theme that works best for you.

Alternatively, if you have any other subscription, you can use the blank template page at this link to set up your sign-up page.

You could take a range of different routes depending on what suits you best.

Option 1: Choose the Call to Action type of Submit Form to simply collect their details (I'd recommend also collecting their phone number at the same time (tick the Collect phone number option - see below)).

Their details will be collected in Co-Kinetic and you can call them back to schedule the consultation.

Option 2: Choose the Book Now/Download Now/Visit URL to redirect them after their details have been collected, to an online booking system so they can make their appointment there and then.

Option 3: Use the Call Now Call to Action type if you're planning to promote this through a Facebook ad for example, that is specifically targeted at users on mobile devices. This is great if you're targeting mobile users because the submit button will call a number that you can designate, which means they can book their appointment straight away, but it's not so good if the person is viewing your promotion on a laptop or desktop computer as it will attempt to launch software capable of making a call, such as Skype etc. The good thing is that you can specify (on Facebook at least) that ads are only shown on mobile devices.

Option 4: If you want to charge for your phone or video consultation, use the Single Purchase call to action and specify your payment requirements and the person will be asked to fill out payment details and the payment will be processed. You can follow-up with instructions on the post-sign-up page telling them how to book their session. This option is worth testing as the payment (even if it's just a small token gesture payment) may mean you get better uptake rates. As always, test, test, test.

Then the final step is to promote your offer through any appropriate channels making sure to include the link to your Co-Kinetic sign-up page.

Canva has a range of different pre-built templates you can use to promote an online consultation or a telephone consultation (many of which are free). Remember you can edit all the text so don't be put off by the posters if they say Doctor consultation πŸ˜….

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