How to use Co-Kinetic to: Collect sign-ups to my email newsletter
Your email list is your marketing IT factor. If built and nurtured well it's a 'golden goose' for your business. Here's how to build it
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WHY would you want to build your email list?

As you'll know if you've listened to any of my webinars or read any of my marketing articles, your email list is your single, most important marketing asset. Growing this list and nurturing it by sending value-add email newsletters on a regular basis should be your top marketing priority whatever size your business.

The trouble is that giving people a genuine value-added reason to sign-up to your email newsletter can be tricky. Offering 'bribes' like a discounted appointment or other more 'salesy' tactics can come across as being tacky and cheap, not the reputation that a health professional wants to be be associated with.

HOW can you do this using Co-Kinetic?

While you could use one of our customisable web sign-up pages to build an email newsletter sign-up form, we've gone one big leap further and given ALL our subscribers a purpose built email sign-up campaign with associated social media AND the email newsletters that are promoted in each social media post.

Better still this campaign is continually growing as a new social media post (and associated customer newsletter) is released every time we publish a new marketing campaign.

Remember we make this campaign available to ALL subscribers regardless of which subscription you hold.

This is what the sign-up page looks like, you can see it for yourself at this link.

When someone fills out their details, this is the page they are delivered to (see below).

All they do is click on the newsletter they want to read and up it pops, it even has your own branding on (if you have the branding upgrade).

All you need to do is distribute a link to your unique sign-up page which you will find here (see image below)...

....and schedule the pre-loaded social media which takes just 4 steps. We'd recommend you let this campaign run with once or twice weekly posts for as long as you want. You will need to refresh your Facebook login every 90 days under the Integrations area but otherwise you can leave this campaign to run indefinitely.

What's Next?

  1. Follow the help posts for days 2-6 at this link which will show you how to get your campaign set up correctly

  2. Click here to access the set-up area of the Grow Your Email Newsletter campaign (subscription required)

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