Why offer a membership programme?

The general idea of a membership programme is to:

  • Create a stable, reliable recurring revenue stream

  • And in return offer increased value to your membership and

  • Build loyalty with those members

You can incorporate any services into your membership programme (depending on what you offer). If people are allowed to redeem a range of different services, it makes the programme more flexible. But if you only have one service to offer, such as a massage, that's fine too.

The idea is that in return for committing to a regular, ongoing booking, your member benefits from better rates and benefits (ideally on a range of things) than a non-member.

Let's use massage as an example.

The idea would be to provide one massage a month for a price that's lower than your standard single massage price. To add flexibility to the programme (and that's definitely recommended as a key selling point, particularly during a pandemic) you can let those sessions accrue if someone doesn't take their massage in a given month.

It might be a good idea to set a limit on the number of massages that can roll over or accrue just so you don't get too much of a backlog.

So let's take a look at how that might work.

Say you offer a Massage membership for a monthly price of [eg. £48]. For that price, you get one, one hour [massage/or insert services/treatments] per month, which would cost a non-member [eg. £60].

That gives members a 20% discount or £12 saving on every treatment which over the course of the year saves them £144 in total.

You could also offer members a discount on other services or products that you sell. This will encourage them to take advantage of their membership privileges and you could also give them a 24hour window on new offers, before you promote them to your wider customer base.

Whatever you can do to add value to your membership programme, the greater the take up will be.

So it might go something like this...

Members of the [insert Programme Name] receive these member-only benefits:

  • A XX% discount on every massage [save [£XX] over 12 months]

  • XX% discounts on [any other products/services/gift cards/vouchers you want to offer]

  • Membership-only specials or 24 hours advanced notice on new offers

  • Unused massage sessions roll-over

  • No obligation — All this and no long-term contract.

At the end of the day this is just a thought-prompter to get the creative juices flowing. As with everything, you'll want to test and see what's most popular and maybe you want to offer different programmes each year to keep it fresh. Then again if it's working, don't break it!

One piece of advice is don't try and do too much or make it too complicated, especially to start with. Keep it simple.

How can Co-Kinetic help you offer a membership programme?

Firstly, you would need a Clinic Growth subscription to do this.

Then you can use the Customisable Landing Pages (also sometimes referred to as Editable Web Sign-Up pages) which you'll find in the Campaigns section of the Co-Kinetic

You then have two choices.

  1. You can either set up our Co-Kinetic page to take a recurring payment of a specified amount at a frequency that you choose. So in the example above you'd ask for £48 monthly, on an ongoing basis (you could also opt to take a specified ie. an exact number of payments if you wanted to) OR

  2. If you have your own online booking system that allows you to set up a recurring monthly payments you could use the Call to Action option of Book Now/Visit URL to add your own link to purchase that membership product on your online booking system. When they click the sign-up button on our page, it will redirect them to the link you provide.

It's worth mentioning that in option 2 above, it does add another layer of web pages for your user to navigate, which will add friction to the purchase process and may reduce sign ups.

Here's an example of a page I put together in my own account, based on the massage programme I've outlined above.

The additional details page (where it says Click this link in blue font) we also provide for you. You can add whatever text you want to, to that page.

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