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How to: Find and download the pre-written blog content (text and images)
How to: Find and download the pre-written blog content (text and images)

Download the text and images for the pre-written blog posts

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What is it?

Pre-written blog posts (text and images provided) ready to be published on your own blog. Or if you don't have a blog, you can use our hosted blog posts.

While we've provided you with a complete post, we encourage you to edit the post to add any additional information that's specific to your profession and also add your own unique style.

The pre-written blog posts are exclusive to the Clinic Growth Subscription (more info here).

Part 1: Locating the blog text and images

You have two routes to access the blog content

The easiest is via the Content Marketing Campaign section on your main Subscription page

The second route is via the shortcut link in the social media campaign

You'll find the blog post text and copy as a zip file available for download under the Media Contents box of the campaign in question.

Part 2: Downloading the Blog copy and images

Just click the zip file (you will need to be logged in and have a Clinic Growth subscription to be able to download the file) and then use the Word files and images provided as you want to on your blog platform/website.

Follow along with the video below if you'd like to see it live

Why should you be publishing blog posts?

  1. They're great for SEO

  2. They provide added value to visitors on your website

  3. You can use them to grow your email list (by including links to additional resources available through the email lead collection pages we provide)

  4. They help you demonstrate expertise, build authority and cultivate trust.

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