Here are some other cool things you can do with your new resources (want the fun version? Zoom in on the animated gif below and follow the sketch journey).

  1. Use the Share Links to your new Patient Resources in post-appointment follow-up emails, nurture (non-selling emails) to your email list, on your social networks, in discussion forums and on your website. Check out this article to see how.

  2. Print out the tennis, running, cycling, swimming, footie/soccer, rugby etc. leaflets and take them to clubs, meets, shops, swimming pools, community centres. You can find the full range of leaflets here. Think about how you can use these leaflets to add value to not only your customers, but also the customers of other businesses and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

  3. Use the Grow Your Email Newsletter Social Media campaign here to - build your email list. Collect email addresses and deliver your new email leads to a fantastic page of customer newsletters (all of which are branded with your company details). You can learn more about using that campaign here.

  4. Do you ever ask yourself what your clinic says about you and/or your business? Is it looking a bit jaded or tired? If so, why not print out some of our posters and use them to freshen up your treatment rooms and waiting areas. You could even use them on the back of loo/toilet doors. You can find the posters here.

  5. There are lots of ways to leverage your Email Lead Collection and your Lead Magnet delivery pages in your wider marketing. You can learn more about that here.

Now here's the fun sketch version - you'll need to zoom in on your screen (I love visual expressions of thought, but can you tell I was playing with new software?!)...

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