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How to: Use a Co-Kinetic content marketing campaign (Clinic Growth subscribers)
How to: Use a Co-Kinetic content marketing campaign (Clinic Growth subscribers)

Here's how to run the perfect education-based marketing campaign designed to turn prospects into paying clients

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In addition to the social media content included in the Social Media subscription, The Clinic Growth subscription contains quite a lot of additional content designed to help you move a prospect into a paying client.

These campaigns are built around a clinical, wellbeing or sports injury-based theme, or topic. New topics are added regularly. In a good marketing strategy you would define your perfect patient prospect and then run content marketing (education-based) campaigns to attract this 'perfect prospect' by building your email list and offering opportunities for these prospects to become paying customers.

Here's how it works.

Use the Social Media

Use the social media to demonstrate expertise and authority on the topics your 'target audience' would be interested in, so that you are publishing a social media presence that matches your desired prospect.

Use the social media, inbuilt lead collection pages and pre-written lead magnets that we provide under the our two marketing subscriptions, combined with some paid advertising to attract your perfect prospect onto your email list.

Use the Pre-Written Blog Post

Publish the blog post to your website to increase your search engine optimisation (Google loves good content) and be found by prospective new clients on the topic areas that will attract your perfect prospect. Include a link in that blog post to your pre-written campaign lead magnets to encourage your readers to sign-up to download the resources (thereby adding them to your email list for further nurturing (relationship-building). Publishing good quality content on your site also enhances your reputation.

Use the Pre-Written Nurture Email

Use the pre-written nurture email copy and images we provide under the Clinic Growth subscription, to help you strengthen relationships with your existing email list and equally importantly help you to segment your email audience by interest area.

The more targeted and focused you can be on appealing to people's specific interest areas the better your email engagement, the stronger the relationships you will build, and the greater the chance that your prospect will become a paying customer.

Once someone has shown an interest in a given topic, continue to nurture this interest with related content and resources - you could do this by setting up an automated nurture email sequence or by grouping your email audience into interest areas and sending regular targeted nurture emails to each of those specific audiences. The more targeted you can be, the better your outcomes.

If you use Mailchimp, we also provide a 1-click Mailchimp template, to make this process super-quick for you.

Use the Education Presentation/Workshop/Seminar

To help you take your relationship with your prospects to the next level, building greater trust and demonstrating greater authority and expertise. These presentations could be delivered either online (you can do this within the Co-Kinetic system) or in person [insert link to Running Education Events help post].

Use the event to explain the ways in which you can help and offer your attendees a 'next step' down the funnel. This could be a 'discovery' call or appointment or you could offer a time-limited special offer on a single assessment or a package of treatments or anything in between. The key is to experiment and keep building on what works.

Use the Pre-built Education/Workshop/Seminar Web Sign-up Page

To take sign-ups (or even payments if desired) to your event. It doesn't matter whether the event is online or face-to-face as the page is completely customisable/editable whatever the scenario.

Use the Promotional Artwork for the Educational Presentations

We provide posters, postcards and social media ads, most often recently in the form of Canva templates which you can edit and order through Canva where applicable (service available internationally).

Use the Customisable 'wild card' Web Pages

These are awesome tools. You can use them to take payments to anything you want. That could be the post-event 'deal', or a discounted appointment, or simply to book a discovery call. You can charge people a single or recurring payment, or redirect them to your shopping cart/booking system if that's better. You could even sell or provide access to content, use them to set up a membership offering or anything else that crosses your mind!

Use the Membership Sales and Management System

To help you sell and manage membership packages. This could be a clinic membership, a patient support group, or even a running or walking group! Again it's whatever your imagination clicks with to build your perfect customer groups.

Help Post: coming soon

Use the Voucher Sales and Management System

Well unsurprisingly to sell vouchers 😅. Voucher sales are a great way (with a totally valid promotion reason) to boost your cashflow because purchasers pay upfront. We provide everything from the poster artwork and social media needed to promote your campaign through to the pre-built voucher purchase pages, follow-up emails with voucher PDFs for both you and your customers and the ability to manage full and in-part redemptions of your vouchers within Co-Kinetic.

In addition to all this, Clinic Growth subscribers also benefit from

  • The quarterly printed Co-Kinetic journal posted worldwide - here's how to find the journal content

  • Access to more than 400 client advice resources covering a wide range of topics which you can use in post-appointment follow-up emails, share on your social pages, include in nurture emails, print out for your clinic, distribute locally through collaborations with other businesses or send to past customers to re-engage them. Here's how to find and use the patient resources.

  • And if your clinic could benefit from a freshen up - you can find a growing range of stunning poster artwork which you can brand and then order to be printed through Canva. Here's how to find and order your Canva artwork.

Next Steps

  1. Set up a social media campaign for the coming month

  2. Set aside a time, at least once a month, to send your customers one of our pre-written nurture emails – and commit to doing it without fail

  3. Set aside a time each month to upload a new blog post to your blog – and commit to doing it without fail

The most important thing is to start with something simple and get into a routine. Marketing done well is a ‘little and often’ exercise.

Free Resources

To learn more about what you should be doing with your marketing, click the link below that best reflects the stage of business you’re at.

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