How to: Take simple sign-ups to just about anything

The simplest of the call-to-actions on our customisable web pages and how you can use it

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The sign-up (or submit form), is the simplest Call To Action feature of our Customisable 'Wild-Card' Web pages. You can see the other Calls to Action at the end of this help post.

How can you use this feature?

Examples of where you might want to take sign-ups:

  • Join an event

  • Claim an offer

  • Enter a prize-draw

  • Join a group

  • Sign up for more info or to a newsletter

  • Request a call back/discovery call

The Sign-Up call to action simply collects someone's name, email address and if selected also a telephone number.

Watch the video

Use the links below to explore each individual call-to-action available to you through the Co-Kinetic Customisable 'Wild Card' Web pages:

  • Overview of the Customisable 'Wild Card' Web Pages - covering all the calls-to-action (CTAs) - watch now

  • Submit Contact Details (submit form) - name, email address and telephone number (optional) - more info here

  • Book Now/Download Now/Visit a web page - on completion of the form it redirects the viewer to the specified URL (web address) - that could be a downloadable file, a link to your online booking system or any other web page you want to send people to - more info here

  • Call Now - interactive button which when clicked will call the number you've specified (this is great on mobile devices) - more info here

  • Single Purchase - allows you to take a one-off purchase for any amount, in the currency of the country you do business in (in other words, it's international) - more info here

  • Recurring Payments (subscriptions) - this is the best bit...this option allows you to charge a recurring fee on an ongoing basis (until stopped by you or your customer) or for a fixed period, for example a set number of weeks or months - more info here

Which subscriptions have access to these pages?

All the themed pages are included under the Clinic Growth subscription, however single pages are available for purchase individually for a one-off fee with small additional rolling hosting fee.

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