How to: Get someone to fill out a form and then call you by phone

You can use our customisable 'wild card' web pages to to it, here's how

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This is nice feature if for example, you're targeting mobile users through a social media ad and you want them to complete a form and then provide them with a Call Now button connected to your designated phone number.

How can you use this feature?

  • To book a discovery call

  • Claim an exclusive offer

  • Book something on a first-come-first-served basis

  • Or take an action that would benefit from making a specific phone call - a sort of Take Action Now activity.

Watch the video

Note: It's worth mentioning that if your web page visitor is on a desktop computer and they click the Call Now button it will try and open any software capable of making a call such as Skype or Facebook Messenger - so make sure you include a number on the web page itself so they can just dial in the number if they're not reading your page on a mobile device.

Use the links below to explore each individual call-to-action available to you through the Co-Kinetic Customisable 'Wild Card' Web pages:

  • Overview of the Customisable 'Wild Card' Web Pages - covering all the calls-to-action (CTAs) - watch now

  • Submit Contact Details (submit form) - name, email address and telephone number (optional) - more info here

  • Book Now/Download Now/Visit a web page - on completion of the form it redirects the viewer to the specified URL (web address) - that could be a downloadable file, a link to your online booking system or any other web page you want to send people to - more info here

  • Call Now - interactive button which when clicked will call the number you've specified (this is great on mobile devices) - more info here

  • Single Purchase - allows you to take a one-off purchase for any amount, in the currency of the country you do business in (in other words, it's international) - more info here

  • Recurring Payments (subscriptions) - this is the best bit...this option allows you to charge a recurring fee on an ongoing basis (until stopped by you or your customer) or for a fixed period, for example a set number of weeks or months - more info here

Which subscriptions have access to these pages?

All the themed pages are included under the Clinic Growth subscription, however single pages are available for purchase individually for a one-off fee with small additional rolling hosting fee.

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