We've created a web page which shows you how to get a range of different text effects on your Voucher and Editable (wild card) Web Sign Up pages.

Then in the block below you can see the code we've used under the Landing Page tab to achieve these different effects.

Simply copy and paste the code below to achieve the same effects.


#Here's the largest heading (we rarely use this as it's a bit large and ugly!)

##Here's the second size heading

###Here's the third size heading

####Here's the fourth size heading

Bullets and Lists

- Here's an example bullet point - make sure there is a clear line above your first bullet, otherwise you'll just see a - instead of a round bullet
- Here's your second bullet

And if you want a numbered list

1. Item number
2. Item number two
3. Item number three

Again make sure there is a clear line space above the start of the list and after the end of the list.

Bold and Italics

**This text will appear bolded**

*This text will appear in italics*

You can have **bold** and *italicised* words in the same sentence.

Line Breaks

If you want to force a line between two other lines
Use a line break code above.


Here's how you provide a link [this is your clickable text](https://www.co-kinetic.com/). 

This is what it would like on the page.

Here's how you provide a link this is your clickable text.

And when you click that link it will take you to the Co-Kinetic home page.

More Help

And as always...

If you're having problems and can't make your page do what you want it to, then please get on the chat tool and tell us which campaign it is that you're trying to edit, and what you're trying to do, and we'll hop and help. Please make sure to give us the link to the specific campaign, to save everyone time.

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