How to: Set up a voucher campaign

This post includes a refresher video covering the key points if you've run before, as well as a step-by-step follow along video sequence

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Run a Voucher Campaign Before and Just Need a Refresh?

Before you start this video assumes you have:

If It's the First Time You’ve Run a Voucher Campaign - Start Here

We definitely recommend watching the following videos in order – it will save you time, keep you on track and make sure everything gets set up correctly and launches to plan.

Each one is short, together they will take you approximately 30 mins to watch and you can implement as you go along.

In short we provide the technology and the content to run voucher campaigns. That means we've pre-written the voucher sign-up page for you (although it's fully editable), designed the voucher template, written the purchase follow-up email that will be sent to your buys, and produced promotional artwork in the form of posters, postcards and social media to help you promote your voucher campaigns.

Before you Start

Make sure the following three tasks are ticked off - these are one-off set up jobs and they are all quick and easy to do:

  1. Set up your branding as this appears on the footers of your email lead sign-up and lead magnet delivery pages. Help on doing that is here.

  2. Make sure you've connected your social media accounts and made sure your settings are correct. You can watch a video on that here.

  3. Set up and connected a Stripe account with Co-Kinetic. Help on doing that here.

There are four simple stages to setting up a voucher:

  • Setting up your voucher purchase page

  • Setting up your voucher template

  • Editing the autoresponder and doing a test purchase

  • Promoting your campaign

  • We cover managing your redemptions on a different help post

We take you through each of these stages in the video below:

  1. Overview of a voucher campaign - how it works and what it contains:

  2. Set up your voucher sign-up/purchase page

  3. Set up your voucher template (6m 30s)

  4. Edit your post-purchase autoresponder, and make a test purchase

  5. Use the promotional resources (Canva artwork and social media campaign)

    1. Watch the overview video in step 1 above to see where to find the promotional content

    2. If you HAVEN'T launched a social media campaign before - use this help post: How to: Launch a social media campaign

    3. If you HAVE launched a social media campaign before just watch the refresher video here

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If you get stuck or need help

Just jump on the chat tool, tell us which campaign you're trying to run and specifically what you're stuck with and we'll hop in and help 😄.

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