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The "How To" Section - updated for 2022
The "How To" Section - updated for 2022

Whatever you're looking to do on the Co-Kinetic site, you'll find under this section. If something is missing (or you can't find it), please get onto the chat tool and let me know πŸ™

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How to: Get started with your subscription (all of them) 🎬
How to: Locate and share your patient resources (and why you'd want to!) πŸ“„
How to: Post Co-Kinetic content to Instagram
How to: Send simple nurture (non-selling) emails using the Co-Kinetic resources and why it's important - relevant to all subscribers
How to: Find and use the Canva artwork
How to: Leverage your email lead collection and lead magnet delivery pages in other areas of your marketing
How to: Use the ready-made Customer Newsletter social media campaign, newsletters and email collection form
How to: Connect Co-Kinetic to a Mailchimp account (optional)
How to: Create great looking banners for your webinar and membership web sign-up and delivery pages
How to: Promote your events and campaigns
How to: Cancel a subscription 😒