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Our mission is to power genuine community in apartment buildings like yours. To accomplish this, we offer a trusted platform where neighbors work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, one apartment building at a time.

We want all neighbors to feel welcome, comfortable, and respected when using Cobu. For that reason, we've developed a set of Code of Conduct (AKA: Cobu Code) describing what behaviors are – and are not – allowed on Cobu. Cobu’s moderation system aims to help our members enforce the Cobu Code within their online groups.


Cobu encourages healthy, honest conversations and serves as an open, positive platform where residents can discuss topics of local interest. However, if you're seeing conflict or heated discussion between residents who cannot agree to disagree, you have several tools that can be used to calm tensions in a group.

Here are some options for both group leaders and members:

  • Post and/or link to the Cobu Code as a reminder for the neighborhood

  • Create a new group for discussions that may not interest the current group.

  • Rather than call out a neighbor on the main communication channel for violating the Cobu Code, reach out privately by email, text, or other means or meet them personally to let them know what they could improve

  • Report posts that violate the Cobu Code by emailing

  • Report a member who consistently violates the Cobu Code

If you’re still experiencing difficulties in a group after using these tools, please contact us.

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