What's new on the Cobu app?
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You have a new Home Page!

  • Within this new Home Page, you'll find all the Gatherings you and your neighbors are planning!

  • RSVP to Gatherings simply by clicking on it!

  • When you RSVP to a Gathering from the Home Screen, you'll automatically join the Group, too.

Join and Create Groups!

On the Groups page you'll see all of the active resident Groups in your community. Join any and all Groups that align with your interests!

Have a great idea for a Group?
Click on the "Suggest One" button and let us know!

Create and Attend Gatherings!

Click on the (+) in your Group page. Provide a title, date, time, description, and photo! Then click "SAVE"!

To RSVP for a gathering:
Simply click into the gathering and click "ATTEND"! Then show up and enjoy the company of your Group!

Converse & Connect with Your Groups:

Every Group now has a Discussion Board for questions and conversations between group members!

You can post photos and stay in the loop with your neighbors about upcoming gatherings!

Chat with Your Entire Community:

Now you have the power to engage in discussions amongst your entire community using the Chat tab. Post updates, questions, local recommendations, and more. Reply to chat posts to further engage with specific content pieces. Your Virtual Community Manager will also use the Chat tab to post updates about upcoming gatherings and other important community information.

Enjoy exploring all these new features
and connecting with your neighbors!

For more information on each feature, check out the other relevant support articles about Groups and Gatherings within our Help Desk!

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