Codeable offers 2 different payment processors; Paymill and PayPal.

When you click the Hire button that will appear once the expert has submitted an estimate, a payment pop-up screen will display.

If you enter your credit card information directly into this pop-up window, the payment is processed via Paymill and they're based in Germany. They accept Visa and Mastercard.

Sometimes our USA-based client's credit card doesn't go through this 1st option due to your bank denying the international transaction (again because Paymill is located in Germany).

So you may need to contact your credit card issuer prior to funding your task this way.

The other option that works 100% of the time for our USA clients, is the PayPal option. On that same payment pop-up screen that appears, there is a small PayPal logo located at the bottom of it.

If you click on the PayPal logo, you will be directed to PayPal's site allowing you to pay with your PayPal balance, Visa, Amex, Discover, or Mastercard.. just like any other PayPal transaction.

After funding your task either way, you will be re-directed back to your workroom where you funds are held safe in our escrow account.

At this stage your expert begins working on your project as it has now been funded.

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