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Docs about CodeGPT Playground - Manage your agents performance

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Introducing a new era! Now, you can personalize your agents, and enhance your experience. Explore the possibilities in our latest feature update. ✨


  • You can change the theme (Dark or Light), just click on your profile picture-

  • Send your feedback and manage your notifications on the Left menu.


You can enter directly to manage your agents, create or edit the agents. However, we show you 5 main sections in this new version.

  • Agents

  • Marketplace

  • Files

  • ApiKeys

  • Settings

Let's talk about all of them!


You can create many kind of agents, but we suggest 5 variants:

  • CodeGPT Agent: We setup the prompt of this agent to helping you on coding tasks. Of course you can add it some language programming documentation and edit the prompt.

  • Q&A Agent: you can edit this prompt but try to use the format of answer to maintain the effectiveness.

    • Upload the list of Q&A

    • Make a prompt for the format of the questions and answers

  • Dense summarization Agent: for large context, the prompt of this agent can help you with the summarization of large text, which mean that is prepared to receive the maximum of tokens that you can send to it

  • GitHub Agent: will need to add a public link repository from GitHub.

    • Include mainly GitHub repositories

    • Upload a GitHub Repository, get the link repo.

      If you have a paid plan account, you can import a GitHub repository using the Import GitHub Public repository button. Remember that the repository must be public, and the size is limited to 20MB per upload.

    • Repository will be visible like this:

  • And of course, from scratch, New Agent.

🤖 New Agent: Agent from scratch

Also you can use the New Agent button available in the right superior area. Both will take you to this tab:

Skin 🖌️

You can change the skin of your agent, we made 4 combinations available.

Agent Personality 🤖

Choose the AI model, test the model according you use case. OpenAI and Anthropic models are available into this version.

⚠️ Please be mindful of the documentation for the models, as each model may have a unique approach to constructing responses. If your use case requires a more extended response or considers additional context, review the documentation of each model thoroughly 😇.

  • Instructions 👩🏻‍🏫

    💡Some tips to improve make a proper prompt:

-Be clear (no need to be kind) and specific
-Include examples for the result answer
-Test your prompt with main questions according your agents/system goals
-Made a struct of the response, as an example
Think the answer like a NLP Task. Your agent will be able to: summarize, text transforming, inferring, extract or classify text?.

Be like:

For develop a movie text classification agent

Develop a movie text classification agent that efficiently categorizes movie descriptions into genres. Be explicit about the criteria for classification, considering genres such as action, drama, comedy, thriller, and science fiction. Test the prompt with the following questions:

-What features does the agent focus on for genre classification?

-Can you provide examples of movie descriptions and their expected genres?

-How does the agent handle ambiguous or mixed-genre movie texts?

Extract key features influencing the genre classification.

Input: "A group of friends embark on a thrilling adventure to uncover a hidden treasure."
Output: { "Summary": "Friends on a thrilling treasure hunt", "Text Transformation": "Adventure", "Inference": "The adventure genre is identified based on the thrilling treasure hunt.", "Extraction": "Key features include 'friends,' 'thrilling,' and 'treasure hunt."}

  • Knowledge Base

    • You can get the files from the Add Files

    • Only .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .PAGES, 20MB Max, and .TXT, .CSV 2MB Max.

    • For URL, be aware that this include a scrapping and crawling process to keep in mind that some websites have a tricky structure or security mechanism that does not allow to get the data.

    • Or Upload a new one (you would find it in the Files section too)

Done! Test your agent on the Playground.

Also, you can share it getting the link and see a preview on the button. Enable the option Publish in Private.

If you want to work with this agent on VS Extension just follow the instructions available in button.

⚠️ If you disable the option to share the agent link, the agent's status will change from Private to Public


Files feature is designed to provide specific knowledge to the agents. The benefit of this feature is the ability to train an agent with specific information, thus enriching the agent's prompt. You can fine-tune the model to perform optimally in specific situations and contexts, which can be challenging to achieve with more general models—all of this without the need to generate lines of code.

Upload a File

Allowed formats for uploading a file include .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .pages, .dot, .dotx, .log, .odt, .rtf. You can drop the file onto the panel or click the Upload button.

You can ✏️ edit and 💾 save the file. Please ensure that the file titles are contextually related to their content, making it easier for agents to 🔍 search for answers within the files. If ideas don't come to you, we've integrated an 🤖 AI helper to figure out the titles for you ✨.

Upload a URL content

Incorporate content from websites, keeping in mind that websites often have multiple links for each page's content. ⚠️Ensure you include all the links if you intend to capture all the data from a website.

For instance, consider the website ""; it contains various links for each feature. If you require all the data, retrieve all the links and include them individually. For specific information, like Pricing details, make sure to upload the link for that content separately, such as "".

Upload a GitHub Repository

If you have a paid plan account, you can import a GitHub repository using the Import GitHub button. Remember that the repository must be public, and the size is limited to 10MB per upload.

⚠️ Regarding File Size and Storage Capacity

Remember that depending on the contracted plan, you have a maximum file storage limit. While the maximum file upload size is 20MB, the vectorization process's resulting file size depends on various factors:

  • The Language Model, for example, if you're using GPT-3, GPT-4, etc. The model has its tokenization strategy, hence the number of tokens varies based on the model.

  • Knowing the Text Length, the number of tokens required depends on the text length. You can divide your text into tokens to estimate. Note that some models may have limits on the maximum number of tokens they can process in a single call.


If you are using the GPT-3 model from OpenAI, according to the documentation available on their website, this model would divide the following sentence into 23 tokens:

"The artificial intelligence is transforming many aspects of our daily lives. From virtual assistants to recommendation systems, AI is present in various applications."

GPT-3 uses "tokens" that are not just words but smaller segments of text.

If we assume each token occupies approximately 4 bytes in memory, we can calculate the conversion weight as follows:

23 tokens * 4 bytes/token = 92 bytes

In other words, the longer the sentence, the more bytes the vector will occupy in this case.

For more information about tokens you can use this app.


Now we generate the Organization ID, you will used to link other user to your agents. With this version, you can create a Secret API Key, be sure to saved it properly.


Set your profile


If you wish to customize the name and company logo, this menu allows you to personalize the agents.

Also, invite new members to try the platform, with same Organization customization.


See the detail of your current plan, on this tab you can change your subscription, or unsubscribe.

You can manage your subscription: plan, info (in case that you want the bill in the name of your company for example) in the Manage subscription button.


⚠️ Manage your account settings, Full Name, user name and password. Also, you can delete your account on this option.


You can try also an agent deployed by us or our community on Marketplace. Just look the one which fits with you and install it on your playground. Or request to create one expert on your request.


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