We believe in hiring only the best people to teach our classes at Codeverse. 

Instructors are first and foremost passionate about educating kids and engaging with technology. Beyond simply interacting with the curriculum, they act as mentors and guides to Codeverse. Furthermore, all of our Lead Instructors (at least one of which is present in each session) are board-certified teachers. 

To prepare for Codeverse classes and camps, all of our staff must pass a background check, drug test, and complete our comprehensive training which covers:

  • KidScript & the Codeverse platform
  • Codeverse curriculum
  • Safety, first aid, security
  • Social-emotional learning and Common Core educational standards¬†
  • Educational methods which include a focus on working with students who have special needs

We value creativity, exploration, inclusivity, and individuality. Instructors are integral to championing and nurturing these values in every session.

Our camps and classes are an accepting and safe space for kids with different backgrounds. We believe that the learning space and experience we have created is an important step in enabling kids to reimagine their relationship to technology!

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