The Fundamentals 

KidScript is the world’s first programming language designed from the ground up to teach kids how to code.

It's an approachable language that replaces unnecessary complexities with an easy to read, easy to write syntax.

KidScript is a real programming language which draws inspiration from many other languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python and Visual Basic. It includes all the core concepts of programming and enables untethered creativity. 

Writing KidScript

We’ve created some incredible tools which guide you in real time, making it intuitive to use and impossible to write invalid syntax.

KidScript has Numbers, Booleans, Arrays, Objects and Text. These five basic types can be manipulated with Loops, Conditionals, and Events. We’re creating thousands of objects to play with, and a simple way to build your own.

It's easy to learn, yet powerful enough to build just about anything. 

Beyond KidScript

KidScript and the entire platform have been built from the ground up to support learning.

For that reason, we carefully designed KidScript to be the best possible gateway into other languages.

The concepts and syntax directly apply to thousands of other languages, including Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Java, Scala, and Swift. 

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