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Ways to run a script through Custom Button, Run Menu and Open Tab
Ways to run a script through Custom Button, Run Menu and Open Tab

If your code requires run time input from the users, that can't be handled from the button in the guides.

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Through Custom Button:
You can run your script/command in the terminal through custom button. To accomplish this you need to add a line in the guide editor page in the markdown format.

{Button Text | terminal}(command)

There are more ways, you can use custom button, please check out Custom Button document for this.

Through Open Tab:
i. Open the guide editor from the Tools>Guide>Edit or from open guide editor icon (present left-side of the screen inside filetree tab).
ii. Click on the setting icon present on the upper right corner.
iii. Go to the Open Tabs menu.
iv. Click on Add Tab button.
v. Select type to terminal and write command in the command section then save it.

It will execute the command in the terminal which you specified here once you click on the preview icon. Check out Open Tabs document for more details on this.

Through Run Menu:
Open the .codio file then add the command you want to execute inside the "Run button configuration" and execute the command from the run menu. Check out Run menu for more details.

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