Steps to create student's version of jupyter notebook:

i. Create a project with the stack (Jupyter with nbgrader support stack) in your course.
ii. Add jupyter notebook file (ipynb file).
iii. Create .codio-jupyter file.
iv. Publish the assignment in the course.

The student file will be generated automatically by Codio when the assignment is published.
Check it out as a Test Student.

You need to create a .codio-jupyter file, the system will recognise this unit as jupyter with nbgrader, please check out jupyter with nbgrader document for more details.

Hope this will help you!

Note: If you get any error while publishing the unit, please validate the jupyter notebook from Education->Validate Jupyter menu in the IDE, you will get error logs which might help you find the issue it is having.

Click on the "Validate Jupiter" to check the error logs in case you face any issue
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