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How do students buy Codio though the campus bookstore?
How do students buy Codio though the campus bookstore?

Bookstore managers can request Codio access codes for students who may need to purchase a license through the bookstore.

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Codio will work with your bookstore to ensure students on financial aid who need to buy licenses through the bookstore can purchase licenses. You can send this article or email this PDF to your bookstore manager to get the process started.

If you are a Follett bookstore, we are an approved Follett vendor.

  1. Check enrollment to determine how many and what type of Codio licenses you would like to order. 

    • There are 3 durations of Codio licenses: 1-Semester, 2-Semester and 1-Year.

    • Most bookstores only order 1-Semester licenses.

  2. Send a Purchase Order (P.O.) to

  3. Receive an email with:

    • a printable PDF to give to students that has 1 access code per page with directions that guide students how to use the code

    • a CSV file listing access codes for digital delivery of access codes.

  4. Sell each access code once. Codes are not course-specific.

    • Note: A student only needs one access code for Codio, regardless of how many courses they are enrolled in that use Codio.

  5. Pay for the access codes you sold. Keep any access codes you did not sell. They never expire and are not course-specific so they can be sold the following semester.

  6. Repeat steps each semester (taking in to account number of previously unsold codes when deciding quantity).

If you are not a Follett bookstore, follow the directions here to start the approval process.

If there is ever a student who comes to the bookstore concerned that their access code did not work, please direct them to Codio support as stated on their print out.

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