What is a Project

Introduction to Projects in Codio

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Codio works with a series of templates, or Codio stacks.

You can use our pre-configured stacks or create your own. This template approach makes Codio easy to use, configure and adapt.

Codio's templates deliver fully preconfigured servers in less than 5 seconds, no matter how complex the configuration..

You can use our pre-configured stacks or create your own.

What is a project?

Here are the key things you need to know about projects.

  • A project is an Ubuntu server.

  • We commonly refer to your project server as a **box**.

  • You can create as many projects as you need.

  • Each project box is fully isolated from every other one.

  • When you open a project you are taken into the box and are shown the Codio IDE.

  • You have access to the command line via a terminal window.

  • You have sudo level privileges to your server, so you can install and configure any box exactly as you please.

  • You can snapshot the software configuration, commonly referred to as a stack, of any box and add it to the Stacks template library.

  • You can snapshot the combination of a Stack and the project code workspace and add it to the Starter Packs template library.

Strong recommendations

We strongly recommend that you are familiar with the following concepts if you plan to assign projects to classes of students. Even if you don't knowledge of the following project related features will stand you in good stead.

For more information and detail, check out our documentation on Projects here

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