What is a Course

Introduction to Codio Courses

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A course has the following properties.

  • It is a grouping of students who are taught as a logical group.

  • It can have one or more teachers/instructors.

  • You can add projects, modules or resources to it that can include Assessments allowing you to assess how well the students are grasping the subject matter

  • You can instantly access student code and projects.

  • You can clone an existing course to a new course

  • You can integrate the course with any LTI enabled LMS platform such as Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Blackboard and many others. Your LMS can auto-populate courses and grade data can be fed back from Codio to the LMS.

  • You can run Plagiarism detection against the students work to allow to check for code copying and potential cases of cheating between members of a course. With the current version, Codio will compare the code projects of all students within a course for a specific teaching assignment.

And much more. For more detail, check out our documentation here

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