What is an assignment

Introduction to assignments in Codio

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An assignment is essentially the same as a project

The only difference is that your project assignments are located in the course's area in the main Codio dashboard and accessible to other teachers who can edit them and to students in the course.
Assignments are very easy to locate as they are tidily organized within the course module they belong to. You can also arrange your assignments within a course module.

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You would typically use an assignment if either of the following applies.

  • You have a logically related series of projects that you want to assign to a student that form a course module.

  • You have a collection of assessments relate to a course that is used for homework, lab assessments, projects, etc.

A course allows you to subdivide your course into modules and then chronologically arrange your assignments within your modules. When you create a course, you have to create at least one module. A module does nothing special other than containing assignments and is simply a nice way to group your assignments.

There is one minor drawback to project based assignments that you should be aware of. If students are working with a project assignment and want to look at tutorial content that is contained in another assignment, they have to switch assignments. This can take several seconds and can be irritating during a revision phase when they want to frequently switch assignments. For this reason, we created the book

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