What is an assessment

Introduction to Codio Assessments

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Assessments allow you to ask any number of automatically or manually graded questions within your content.

  • They allow a student or a teacher to assess how well they are grasping the subject matter.

  • Many assessment types are automatically graded, saving precious time for teachers and giving students instant feedback.

  • A wide range of assessment types (automatic code tests, multiple choice tests, fill in the blanks, drop-down selection, free text responses and project grading) allow the broadest possible measurement of a student's progress.

  • In course scenarios, all assessment responses feed through to a teacher dashboard.

  • For multiple choice tests, fill in the blanks and drop-down selection assessment types, each individual assessment can only be answered once, giving a true reflection of understanding rather than being able to carry on answering until the correct answer is achieved.

  • When an answer is submitted, the correct answer is shown to the student by default, but this can be disabled if required.

You can choose to weave assessments into the tutorial materials or to create dedicated assessments content.

For more information on assessments check out our documentation here 

Assessment Library

An assessment library in Codio is a collection of existing assessment items.

You can create assessments libraries within your organization. You can organize your libraries by course number, programming language, department and store your own asesssments there for others to make use of and you can also use existing assessments from Codio's Global library.

For more information on Assessment Libraries, check out our documentation here

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