You can edit an assignment and changes will not be visible to students until you publish the assignment again. 

  • Check out this article for making changes to a published assignment.

Please note: Existing files in the code workspace are never updated as this can invalidate work for students who have already started the assignment but new files can be added.

Students who haven't started the assignment will see the updated content but those who have already started an assignment will not.

To enable students who have started the assignment to see the new content, the assignment can be Reset (see reset section under the Actions Area Settings for more information) but be aware that any existing work they have done will be lost.

How to Reset assignments

Go to the Teach tab.

  • Click on the assignment name.

  • You can reset the assignment for individual students from the 3 blue dot menu. 

  • Or you can reset the assignment for all your students by selecting the Actions button and then the Reset button. 

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