Teachers in the course can add the grade or can override the final grade with additional comments if required by selecting the 'Override Grade' button.

There are two ways to override the final grade.

  • Either you can grade from within the IDE itself from the Education menu item. You need to have a student project open in the IDE.

  • Or you can grade from the Course dashboard. You must first have selected the assignment associated with the project and then press the grading icon.

Steps to override an assignment's final grade:

  • Go to course, select the course.

  • Go to the Teach tab

  • Click on the name of the assignment.

        Option 1:
          i. Click on the 3 blue dots present extreme right of the student's name (whose score needs to be overridden) then click on the "Open the project".

          ii.  After opening the student's project, click on the Education menu tab then                      click on the Grading option.
          iii. Click on the Override Grade button, add grade/comment then click on the                      Done then Close.

Click on the Override grade button to override the student's grade

       Option 2:
          i. To assign comments or a grade, you need to click on the Grade icon (see                      image below with grading icons circled center) and select 'Override Grade'. 


Click on the Override grade button to override the student's grade

          ii. You can then add/modify the comments and grade fields for any individual                     student. Due to the weighting feature, we only allow numeric grades.

Note: Assignment must be marked as completed to override a grade or comment. Check out the Grading project work section for more on this.

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