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Deleted a file by mistake
Deleted a file by mistake

Students want to recover a deleted file which got deleted accidentally.

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If you delete a file in an error, you can use the Code Playback option to find that file. Please follow the below steps to recover a deleted file:

  • Open the assignment then go to Tools -> Code Playback.

  • Click on the folder icon.

Click on the folder icon and select the file that you want to recover
  • Find the file which you have deleted.

  • Review the file and it will show how it was built

  • You can find your last saved work by clicking on the Previous change, Play/Pause, and Next change buttons (from left to right) or by dragging the timeline bar along

Click the play button to watch the code be built, and click on the "Previous/Next" button to walk through the changes manually
  • You can create a new file and copy/paste from the code playback into a new file that you created.

Note: If you don't have Tools -> Code Playback, right-click on a tab or in the file tree and select Code Playback

Click on the Code Playback option to recover the deleted files

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