It can be the case that there is something in your browser which is involved.

We would suggest you clear browser cache/cookies, close all browser tabs and log in again. When clearing your cache/cookies select 'All Time' for the period of time to delete.

In the event there is a problem with a browser extension/add on, consider using a private/incognito session to access Codio or try a different browser.

If you are using an incognito session, check that Block third-party cookies is not enabled. If using Chrome, this is now the default setting and can be disabled before you log into Codio or your LMS

Showing where to disable blocking of third-party cookies

If you continue to experience this, please open your browser dev tools (F12) and see if you can see any error in console log that may help you to solve the issue and if you are unable to resolve it, contact us with the output of the console log

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