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Students are unable to access assignment content
Students are unable to access assignment content

Problems trying to access Course content

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Codio can usually run from anywhere in a browser without any special settings. However, some school or university firewall settings may require special configuration. See Firewall and Network settings for more details.

If you and your students have been able to access this content before, first ask them to reload/refresh their browser (F5) but if this does not help check to see you are able to view the content correctly either by using the 

  • Opening the assignment yourself


If you are also now unable to view the content as you were before it can indicate that something has changed in your institutions network for everyone but if you are able to view the project content correctly, then this would indicate that something has changed specifically for your students network access settings that is now restricting them in some way. 

More details of the problem should be available in the browsers Dev tools Console (F12) but your IT team would also have access to log files where they should see if something is being blocked/restricted

Discuss with your IT team (and if you are using an external filter provider they may also have different rules for Teachers and Students so discuss with them as well) but if you still have problems please contact us with and include details of some of your students usernames and the name of the units they are trying to access 

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