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Creating Projects with specific software
Creating Projects with specific software

How do I create a project to use specific languages, databases, web servers and many other components if there isn't a pre existing Stack

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Each Codio Project gets its own dedicated Ubuntu Server (Box).
where (with terminal access) you can install your own software as required using apt-get. 

And then for the future if you are likely to want to use these same components in other projects, you can then create your own Stack

Check out the section on that page in regard to Visibility if you may want others in your organisation to be able to make use of your stack in their projects/assignments (ie set the owner to be your Organisation) but you don't want your stack to be public.

We would also recommend you always create a meaningful description of your stack so you (and others) will be able to see what is included if reviewing it in the future and to manage what is included in the stack. If you create one stack with multiple packages and these are memory intensive, the standard box (512MB RAM) may not be able to handle everything efficiently and processes can be killed

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