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How to determine if a Gigabox is appropriate
How to determine if a Gigabox is appropriate

When is it best to use a Gigabox

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Codio’s default boxes are allocated 512Mb of memory. If you need larger boxes then you can upgrade your subscription to give access to 1Gb,  2Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, and GPU (for GPU-accelerated instances) boxes.
See Gigaboxes for more details

In order to determine the memory profile on a box, open a terminal window and run top.
If you look a few lines down from the top, you will see the memory profile (Kb Mem). 

Run "top" command in the terminal to see the memory details (Total, used and free space).

This will show you the memory available, used and free. 

If your free memory level is very low then this could be a case for using a GigaBox. 

Codio does not use swap memory and so the best approach is have your box with all components up and running and then

  • check the memory and 

  • just see how it runs and responds for the user.

If you feel the box is running slowly and you see that you have little available memory then this strengthens the case for using a GigaBox.

You should first try a 1Gb GigaBox and then repeat and upgrade to a larger box if necessary.

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