We provide a range of content across languages including:

  • free podcasts - available everywhere you listen to podcasts;

  • online courses - providing additional materials to help you build your confidence in the language, available on the Coffee Break Academy;

  • social media content - language challenges and cultural information to help you keep up to date with your language learning.

What's free and what involves a cost?

Every one of our courses offers a free podcast which you can follow to build your language skills, improve your understanding and develop your knowledge about the language and how it's used. These podcasts are available everywhere you listen to podcasts: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and many more podcast providers.

If you'd like to take your learning further, then we also provide premium courses for most of our courses. Depending on the particular course, these premium materials may include:

  • lesson notes providing additional information, explanations and examples;

  • video lessons which feature "words on screen" allowing you to see the words and phrases discussed in each lesson;

  • bonus audio allowing further practice of the content of each lesson;

  • vocabulary lists to help you review the words and expressions featured in the core texts;

  • exercises which give you the chance to practise what you've learned in the lesson;

  • pronunciation practice videos where native speakers read the core text and pauses are provided to allow you to practise your pronunciation.

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