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If you're an iPad user then you can access all of the Coffee Break Academy materials easily on your iPad: watch videos, listen to audio and access the lesson notes from your device. It's also possible to download the materials and store them on your device, depending on the amount of storage you have available. This video explains everything in detail

Option 1: use the onboard apps

The standard apps which come with your iPad will allow you to access the content, but there are some limitations with this. You can use the Safari browser and then download the audio and video files and store them in the Files app.

Option 2: use the 3rd party Documents app

We have identified that the Documents app, made by Readdle, works very well with our content. It's a free app which features in-app purchases, but no purchases are necessary to achieve all the things we're covering in this video. Please note that Documents is not made by Coffee Break Languages or Radio Lingua and we are not benefitting in any way by recommending this app.

What about a Coffee Break app?

Please note that we do not, at the moment, have a Coffee Break app. Unfortunately we have had a number of issues where fake apps claiming to be "official" have surfaced on app stores. Please see this article for further information.

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