Our Coffee Break courses currently range from Season 1 to Season 4. Season 1 starts at beginner level, with each season increasing in difficulty up until Season 4, which is aimed at advanced learners.

To get a better understanding of exactly what's involved and which season would best suit your language level, take a look at the summary below. Please note that CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, an international standard for describing language ability based on a six-point scale, ranging from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for advanced learners.

Season 1

  • For complete beginners (CEFR: A1-A2 level)

  • Presented by a teacher, so you can learn alongside the learner

  • Lessons taking you from the absolute beginning of the language, helping you develop a sound knowledge of how to use your language skills in a variety of situations commonly experienced while travelling or staying in an area which speaks the target language

  • Real focus on pronunciation and the difficulties of pronunciation experienced by native English speakers

  • Features over 24 hours of audio content and hundreds of pages of notes

Season 2

  • For lower intermediate learners (CEFR: A2-B1 level)

  • Teacher + learner presenters like Season 1

  • “False beginners” - takes a basic knowledge of the language and helps you develop an understanding of how to use the language rather than learned phrases

  • A focus on the patterns of the language, introducing grammatical concepts

  • You’ll learn to use the language and create your own phrases talking about a variety of subjects in the present, past and future

Season 3

  • For upper intermediate learners (CEFR: B1-B2 level)

  • Presented by a teacher and native speaker

  • A series of topics are covered: including travel, cultural points, language-learning, and current affairs

  • This season also features a story which will help you develop your language skills further

  • All materials are written and recorded by native speakers

  • You'll have the chance to develop a deep understanding of the intricacies of the language

Season 4

  • For high intermediate to advanced learners (CEFR: B2-C1 level)

  • In-depth study of Spanish as it's used by native speakers.

  • Follows a story so you will get to know the characters - and more - through their interactions

  • Texts are specially written by experienced teachers and native speakers to include complex grammar and idiomatic expressions

    Find out more information about the seasons available for the language you're learning on the Coffee Break Academy.

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