We’ve created an easier way for you to support your students with their very own Cohort Go account. With My Cohort Go, students will be able to view and manage any transactions made using their email address.

1. Logging in to My Cohort Go

Students automatically receive their very own Cohort Go account when a purchase is made using their email address.

Students can access their account by logging in at my.cohortgo.com/login.

Once students have entered their email address they will receive an email to access their account.

Once logged in, students are able to view their OSHC policy, track their payments and access other valuable resources, including helpful articles, directly from their dashboard.

2. Logging in to My Cohort Go

With My Cohort Go, students can easily view, cancel or extend their OSHC policy.

If you have purchased an OSHC policy using the student’s email address, they will be able to see their policy listed on the dashboard.

Unfortunately, any OSHC purchases made using your agent email address instead of the student’s will not appear for the student.

3. Manage payments.

For money transfers created using the student’s email address, students can view and track their payments every step of the way from their Cohort Go account.

Remember, if you have listed your email address against a payment instead of the student’s, the student will not have access to this payment in their account.

On the dashboard students will find the following payment stages:

i. Awaiting funds

The ‘Awaiting funds’ status indicates either the funds have not yet reached Cohort Go, or the payment has not yet been made by the student. At this stage, students can download the payment instructions, upload their proof of payment, or renew the payment if they’re unable to pay by the due date.

ii. Payment processing

At this stage, Cohort Go has received the payment and is in the process of sending funds to the student’s provider. There is no action required of the student at this stage.

iii. Payment expired

If the payment status is expired, this means the student did not initiate the money transfer within the required 72 hour time period, before the FX rate expired. Students have the option to renew the payment here at a new FX rate.

iv. Payment completed

This is the last stage of the transaction and will display with a green indicator on the dashboard. This stage indicates that the student’s funds have been sent to the provider.

If you have any questions please contact our support team at support@cohortgo.com.

To create a student account, you can direct students to my.cohortgo.com/login.

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